About Us

As Politécnico de Santarém, we are a public higher education institution, providing our service to society, committed to a high-level qualification of the citizens. Our primary goal is the dissemination of professional knowledge, innovation, science, technology, arts, academic research and experimental development, focusing on the student and the surrounding community, in a position of international reference.


Located in the district of Santarém, IPSantarém, is a public institution with five different schools. We provide Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate and Professional Higher Technical Courses (TeSP). In some training areas, the b-learning regime is possible. IPSantarém promotes institutional cooperation and effective mobility of the entire academic community, both nationally or internationally – particularly in the European higher education space and in the community of Portuguese-speaking countries. We also participate in activities that connect us to society, where we seek to ensure citizens access to higher education and lifelong learning. IPSantarém has a close connection with the community and regional companies, intensifying this relationship for a training offer adapted to regional needs, as well as promoting opportunities for Research and Technological Development. The internationalization component has also been developed in terms of training with dual degree and master’s courses and with partnerships with foreign institutions. The inter-institutional exchange with Portuguese-speaking countries has been, through the International School, a commitment to the development of internationalization. Getting closer to students and their needs is a concern that has been consolidating through the psycho-pedagogical monitoring and support office of the Social Action Services (SAS).  The objectives are to promote a relationship of interaction between young people and the local community and encourage their critical and innovative participation in order to train people who can be an integral and active part of a dynamic society. This office has been working together with representatives of schools, student associations and pedagogical councils.


As IPSantarém, we defined our vision: “(…) a Polyethnic Institute with a teaching of excellence at national and international level, consolidating itself as a reference institution in the geographical space of higher education”. as part of the 2015-2018 strategic plan.


IPSantarém promotes the following institutional values:
  • Citizenship spirit;
  • Equality of opportunity, integrity and responsibility;
  • Innovation and Quality;
  • Cooperation and internationalization;
  • Respect for the environment / ecology / sustainability;
  • Equity, transparency and ethics;
  • Rigour and flexibility;
  • Satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.