Social Responsibility

IPSantarém’s Social Responsibility mission is to train students and the Academic Community for global citizenship, inclusion and ethical issues.

The goals of Social Responsibility are:

  • Develop and share a systemic vision, increase communications and cohesion between IPSantarém strategic plan, the organic unit’s activity plans and the system of quality management and assurance;
  • Systematize the processes of self-assessment, diagnosis, strategic planning and control of result indicators;
  • Participate in the processes of the human resources management and formation;
  • Collaborate in auditing, project application or accreditation processes;
  • Share experiences with Higher Education Institutes and networking;
  • Promoting environmental education and reducing harmful impacts on the environment;
  • Encouraging an autonomous and collaborative procedure, civic behaviour and favourable to the respect and protection of the environment;


Social transformation is only possible with the effort of everyone. We intend that throughout the academic path, students acquire: a reflective conscience, a critical and creative spirit, and a behaviour that contributes to the promotion of inclusive citizenship, with competence and responsibility.