President of the IPSantarém

João Miguel Raimundo Peres Moutão 



Sónia Raquel Pereira Malta Marruaz Seixas

Hélder Orlando Cardoso Pereira

Pro-President for Innovation Area

Maria Costa Potes Barroso Santa-Clara Barbas

  • Coordination of Research & Development projects and their applications for European and national funds;
  • Coordinate initiatives in the areas of scientific and pedagogical modernization and innovation.

Pro-President for Internationalization and Cooperation Area

João Paulo Rodrigues da Silva Samartinho

  • Coordination of internationalization and cooperation affairs.

Pro-President for Quality Management and Assurance

Maria Teresa Pereira Serrano

  • Coordination of matters relating to Quality, Planning and Evaluation.

Responsible for the Social Responsibility Area

Georgette Devillet Martins Lima

  • Coordination of IPSantarém with the involvement of the entire academic community, for a more just, equitable and solidary society, in pedagogical, social, economic, sports, cultural and environmental terms.