Program Pedro Álvares Cabral

Programme of Mobility Pedro Álvares Cabral 2022/2023 

In the resumption of actions of international mobility, and considering the importance of supporting students’ prospects of internationalization in their academic trajectory, the IPSantarém opened applications for Pedro Álvares Cabral grants for the academic year of 2022/2023. 

Number of grants  

For the academic year of 2022/2023 the IPSantarém provides 10 grants. 

Host Institutions of Higher Education      

The IPSantarém has agreements of academic cooperation with different institutions of Higher Education in Latin America and in Cabo Verde regarding students’ mobility. For the academic year of 2022/2023, students can apply for mobility of studies and/or internships through the Pedro Álvares Cabral Programme in the following institutions: 

Strategic Partner Institutions: 

Country: Brazil 

– Instituto Federal do Sul de Minas (4 openings) 

– Instituto Federal de Brasília (2 openings) 

– Unievangélica (2 openings) 

Country: Cabo-Verde 

– Universidade de Santiago (2 openings) 

Other Institutions 

Finalising applications 
Applications must be made official by the Office of Mobility and International Cooperation of the IPSantarém through the following e-mail: 

Pedro Álvares Cabral grant 

The amount of the grant is 500 EUR and serves to help pay for travel expenses between Santarém and the place of the host institution, whereby proof of purchase of travel fare will be required. 


  • Before proceeding with the application, students should consult the List of partner institutions that have an Agreement of Academic Cooperation for mobility. 
  • For mobilities with a duration of one semester, only a maximum of 36 ECTS can be credited in curricular units of the plan of studies. In mobilities with a duration of one academic year only a maximum of 72 ECTS can be credited. The rest must appear in the Diploma Supplement. 
  • After the results are published, the GMCI sends the list of students selected for international mobility under the existing cooperation agreement, to the partner institutions. 
  • The selected students must contact the GMCI to prepare the application process to the host institution, and pay attention to the deadlines stipulated by the university in question. 


Documents required for preparing for mobility     a tratar na preparação da mobilidade 

  • Studies’ Agreement, Application form, specific documents of the host institution 
  • Identification elements and IBAN (international bank account number)  
  • Student visa, passport, health insurance  
  • Proof of purchase of ticket (airfare) 


Students must previously propose a study / internship plan to their course coordinator, which will be signed by the student and the course coordinators of both their university of origin, and of the host institution. Concurrently, a Study Agreement is signed by the student and by the course coordinator, determining the curricular units/internship that the student will do abroad, and the curricular units/internship of the school to which they will be accredited when they return. Only the ECTS of curricular units that are listed in the Agreement signed by the course coordinators will be credited. If any alteration to the Study Agreement is needed after the student arrives in the host institution, the student will have 30 days to proceed with the alterations, whereby he should inform his/her course coordinator. 

After filling out all the documents and obtaining the respective signatures, students must hand them in to the office of mobility and international cooperation, who will send them to the host university. 


Deadlines and calendar  

  • Submission of applications: 15 of May, 2022 
  • Publication and dissemination of results: last week of May  


More information 

Despatch nº 34–   

Notice of openings for outgoing international mobility of students under the Programme Pedro Álvares Cabral – Academic year 2022/2023