Evaluation and Quality

The Presidency of IPSantarém, in response to its mission, is committed to implementing a Quality Management and Assurance, with the following commitment:

  • Increase the relationship with students by supporting their innovative initiatives and entrepreneurial projects, in an interaction that reinforces their identification with the Institute;
  • Support graduates and their insertion into active life;
  • With the development of projects, promote social responsibility internally and externally;
  • Promote the quality of its processes and its systematic evaluation recognized by the A3ES certification. 

Quality Management and Assurance System

The Quality Management and Assurance System, at IPSantarém, have the goal to promote the Quality Policy, and apply appropriate procedures for its implementation.

The goals are:

  • Be articulated with the regulation, strategic plan of IPSantarém and with the government;
  • Implement quality assurance strategies and policies for their study cycles, with a view to continuous improvement;
  • Create adequate information and ensure its dissemination by the different levels of management, promoting better decision-making;
  • Develop strategies that involve the various actors of the academic community and external partners;
  • Have procedures that imply institutional improvement;
  • Be accessible to all participants in the academic community;
  • Evaluate and apply the improvement plan to the various processes.

The Quality Management and Assurance System, whose head leader is the President of IPSantarém, is developed by the Assessment and Quality Office that coordinates the Internal Quality Structures – Schools, Central Services and SAS.

Responsible: Professor Maria Teresa Serrano (Institutional Coordinator of Quality Management and Assurance System and of the Assessment and Quality Office.

Contact: teresa.serrano@sc.ipsantarem.pt