Presentation and Statutes EN

The IPSantarém is a public polytechnic higher education institution, at the service of society, committed to the high level qualification of the citizens, destined to the production and diffusion of the knowledge, creation, transmission and diffusion of the professional knowledge, culture, science, technology, the arts, guided research and experimental development, emphasizing the centrality of the student and the surrounding community, within an international frame of reference.
It was created on 26 December 1979 by Decree-Law No 513 T / 79. In the beginning, it comprised the Agrarian Superior School of Santarém and the School of Education of Santarém. At the end of 1985, the School of Management and Technology of Santarém was created. In 1986, Tomar’s School of Technology was integrated into the Institute, which in 1997 gave rise to the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. In 1997, the School of Sports of Rio Maior was created and in 2001 it was integrated the School of Health of Santarém.
The IPSantarém is recognized as a pole of development and a reference in training, culture and research developed in the region, created in the 70’s, currently comprises five High Schools, four in the city of Santarém and one in the city of Rio Maior. Integrated in the Institute are also the Social Services, which provide students with accommodation, scholarships, canteens, medical support, as well as a set of sports facilities for the practice of different modalities, some extensive to the community of the city.
IPSantarém promotes institutional cooperation as well as the effective mobility of all its agents, both nationally and internationally, in particular in the European higher education area and in the community of Portuguese speaking countries.
It participates in activities linked to society, such as the dissemination and transfer of knowledge, as well as economic valuation of scientific knowledge, and ensures that all duly qualified citizens have access to higher education and lifelong learning.
The area of ​​influence of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém covers the districts of Santarém, Lisbon, Leiria and Setúbal.